Tuesday, August 11, 2009

well the chocolate gardener has just found out that she (i) has arthritis in her knees. yes knees. both of them. i was walking to the farmer's market on saturday and i felt a pop in the back of my left knee. i was supposed to meet my darling daughter there but i called her up and told her that i could barely walk and that it was better if she did not come. i forced myself to hobble through the market and managed to buy fresh corn and melon and my favorite bread and then i limped my way back to the car. i came home and my sweet husband gave me a bag of ice and told me to rest and ice it. i told him that i was sorry that he was now married to an invalid. i could hardly bend my knee because it felt like i had a sausage behind it. so i knew i had to see a doctor but how degrading that i could not say that i sustained a sports injury, i just had to admit that i was walking to get food. more food. that is my real problem. so i went to the doctor and had some x rays and he maneuvered my knee all around which killed. then he showed me the x rays where i am missing all this cartilage and told me that i have had the dreaded word arthritis for quite some time in both knees and the left is the worse. wonderful! but at least i do not have to have surgery. so the best thing i can do he said was manage my weight. he did not say i was fat but he did not have to use those specific words because the truth was blatantly out there. so the chocolate gardener is fat. she is fifty- fat- arthritic- and owns a poodle! more to come later!


Nicole said...

Maybe you need some XanGo. :)

Sorry to hear about this. Good thing you always stay positive.

Jenny said...

You are a wonderful blogger mom I love the "julie" inspiration :)

I think you are very hip and funny.

Nell said...

i love it! i mean, i dont love that you have arthiritis, thats too bad. but i love your wonderfull story telling! love you!