Sunday, December 21, 2008

what will spring bring to this little garden?

so my sweet husband cut the sod away and added some wonderful dirt and made a little garden in the middle of our front lawn so that i could plant some bulbs!  i planted some daffodils and some tulips.  the next door neighbor dogs thought that they had a fine place to poo so it was suggested that i plant pansies to keep them away and it worked!  now this little garden is covered with snow and bordered all around by a little wire fence that now looks like a grave.  (i will show a picture of what it looks like now, after i take the picture!) now i can only look at my "grave" and hope that something beautiful and living will emerge after our cold winter.

angels on the window

these angels are some of my favorite decorations for Christmas.  my husband strung fishing wire across the window so that i could hang them up.  i used to have an arch that i could hang them from but that arch is gone.  last year they were not hung up and i missed them so welcome back!  you can never have too many angels!  happy holidays!!!