Sunday, August 23, 2009

more bounty from my gardens!

it is so fun to reap rewards from your own garden! so i have some lovely sunflowers for my dining room table and some delicious tomatoes to accompany my new arthritis diet although i think i read somewhere that you should avoid tomatoes but who in their right mind can resist a fresh picked sliced tomato! the bottom 2 pictures are my artichoke that turned into a flower. this is the tale of the artichoke. first the ants could not resist it so it was sprayed with an organic cinnamon smelling spray, and then i sprayed out the ants everyday, and then the slugs came so it was sprinkled with sluggo so that my little poodle dog would be safe, and then the outer leaves fell off, and then this artichoke appeared miraculously, and then it grew and grew and looked just like an artichoke you see in the store and never buy, and then poof it turned into a flower! so i will leave it and watch it and then trim it down and supposedly it should come back next year and maybe it might produce!


Jenny said...

Wow! Thats awesome mom! I have never thought to grow an artichoke but it is so pretty and what a great tale.

I love your sunflowers. They are my favorite.

Cristie said...

What a beautiful flower on top of the articoke plant! I saw it when it had the cute articoke, and now it has this lovely flower on top! It just keeps on giving, I can't wait to see what happens next year.